Chassis specifications for Volvo FL

• Model combinations
• Wheelbases
• Front suspension
• Chassis heights

• Fuel tanks
• Rear suspension
• Brakes

Model combinations

Drive Chassis height Gross Vehicle Weight Wheels Engine Front axle load Rear axle load
4x2 Medium 12 t 19.5 " D7E 4.5/5.0 t 8.5 t
4x2 Medium 14 t 19.5 " D7E 5.0/5.8 t 9.5 t
4x2 Medium 14 t 19.5 " D7E 5.0/5.8 t 9.5 t
4x2 Medium 16 t 19.5 " D7E 5.0/5.8 t 9.5 t
4x2 Medium 16 t 19.5 " D7E 5.8 t 10.9 t
4x2 High 18 t 22.5 " D7E 6.3 t 10.9 t
4x2 X-High 18 t 22.5 " D7E 7.1 t 11.5 t


Wheelbase (mm) 12–16 tonnes (19.5”) 18 tonnes (22.5”)

Front suspension

  12–16 tonnes (19.5”) 18 tonnes (22.5")
Leaf suspension, parabolic
Leaf suspension, parabolic reinforced  
Air suspension

Chassis heights

  Tyre Height (mm)
Med 265/70R19.5” 860
High 275/70R22.5” 950
X-High 295/80R22.5” 960
Fuel tanks

The fuel tanks are available in plastic, steel or aluminium. Fuel volume varies from 80 to 300 litres.

Fuel tanks

Volume (litres) Chassis fitting Material
80 Right/Left Plastic
130 Right/Left Plastic
200 Right/Left Plastic
300 Right Steel
200 (extra) Right steel

Rear suspension

  Suspension type 12–16 tonnes (19.5”) 18 tonnes (22.5")
RAD-L80 Leaf
RAD-L80 Leaf, reinforced
RAD-L80 Leaf, short and stiff  
RAD-A2V Air  
RAD-KR Air  


The Volvo FL has pneumatic brakes with ventilated discs both front and rear. The EBS (Electronically controlled Brake System) anti-locking disc-brake system provides both faster and safer braking response and promotes reduced brake wear. The system includes features such as ABS, anti-locking brakes, a differential lock and Brake Blending. With Brake Blending, the system exploits the vehicle’s various brakes for more uniform brake application and reduces wear on the wheel brakes and tyres. The extended EBS package includes a function that facilitates starting on slopes. The brake discs are available in different sizes depending on the application.

ESP (Electronic Stability Program)
ESP (ESP-BAS1) helps maintaining direction stability (yaw control) in difficult conditions, and helps preventing rollover as well.

Hydraulic retarder for AL306 gearboxes
The compact, integrated hydraulic retarder (RET-HYDR and RET-TPT variants) is mounted on the gearbox. The max effect is 400 kW.

Maximum ratio in the torque converter (TC421) is 1.77:1.

Volvo FL sweeper

Volvo FL sweeper


The Volvo FL chassis can be factory-prepared for sweeper applications, by moving the air tanks, fuel tanks, AdBlue tank, battery box and exhaust system out of the way to make room for frame-mounted equipment. Two versions are available, see table below:



Chassis specifications

Download the chassis specifications as a PDF (2013 edition). Download(PDF, 3.3 MB)
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