Bodybuilders get a head start

Bodybuilder brackets, different rear end cuts and Volvo Bodybuilder Instructions save the bodybuilder unnecessary work – and save you time.

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World-class handling

The Volvo FM is based on the same chassis platform as the Volvo FH and Volvo FH16. Its improved suspension systems and stabilisers provide car-like handling. And the option of Volvo Dynamic Steering gives you precise and effortless control at all speeds.

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Tandem Axle Lift.

Your Volvo FM is now available with the all-new Tandem Axle Lift, a revolutionary feature that allows the rearmost drive axle to be disengaged and raised when you unload. Just like a tag axle, this greatly improves the turning radius and reduces fuel consumption.

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Less is more

By optimising standard specifications, such as the 4×2 tractor, we’ve made the truck a whole lot lighter – 75 kilograms lighter than its predecessor. This gives you a greater payload and better fuel consumption


More load. Better margin

Heavy load? No problem. The Volvo FM is designed for higher axle loads. The front leaf suspension can now handle up to 10 tonnes on a single axle. And 20 tonnes on dual front axles. This increases your margins – and makes it easier to handle heavy or unevenly distributed cargo.


Spec it. Drive it

Your Volvo Trucks dealer can talk you through the layout options. They’ll also give you the keys so you can experience the handling.

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